What we do

Our mission is to create value in your business ecosystem, i.e. the set of reciprocal and dynamic interactions in the relationship between you and your suppliers, your customers and your partners.

How to create more value from the relationships with your suppliers and partners  Purchasing managers who want to maximize the value of their businesses are facing major challenges such as: aligning their operational levers with the business strategy, managing suppliers, defining a strategy for the most important categories, selecting new suppliers and managing operations to ensure effective and efficient support for the other business areas/departments. SC helps companies to improve performance in Supply Management ensuring consistency between their purchasing strategy and their business strategy by aligning their operational levers and giving support in the activities of both strategic and operational sourcing.

How to accelerate the development of new customers while minimizing the risks  Marketing and Sales Directors who intend to enter or strengthen their position in international markets are facing major challenges such as: promoting innovative technologies, identifying the most suitable channels, winning the first references. SC helps Information Technology companies to accelerate the development of their business in the Italian market by seizing new opportunities and leveraging their first references. We collaborate with our foreign clients to promote their technologies in Italy, to favor a profitable growth in the short term and to ensure a sustainable business success over time.

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